Posted by: untoro | May 24, 2009

Xobni – Outlook Plugin

Feels frustrated to find email or attachment from your humongous Inbox?

You should try Xobni (pronounced as “Zob-nee“, “inbox” spelled backwards). This Outlook plugin can dig deep your Inbox to find information that you need: email, contact, conversation and attachments.

Yeah..and tell me about it…it is very fast…even faster than Google Desktop and also gives more comprehensive result.

Not only as searching tools, Xobni can analyze your email behaviour.

Here are some hidden facts in my Inbox:
  • Trend of received email is declining from > 2000 emails in November 2008 to < 1750 email in April 2009
  • Between 6 PM and 8 PM and 10 PM and 12 PM are the most active hours.
    (UK break time is around 8 – 10 PM MY time, not many email come)
  • Monday is not my busiest day.
  • Mail traffic per month Mail_Traffic_per_month
  • Mail traffic – Hourly averageMail_Traffic_Hourly_Avg
  • Mail traffic – Daily averageMail_Traffic_Daily_Avg

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